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Great Tree Library of Melos (Layer 1 - Sky Stratum)

by melos han-tani

Written for a kickstarter compilation album for my friend's game. The compilation never got released, this is a really fun and playful song using samples from the game and incorporating the bouncy/cheery soul of Burrito Galaxy, combining multiple melodies from the game's OST
For live set description from early 2017: "4K, HDR, etc - all these terms to describe new and upcoming fidelities. I wrote this song to think about what it's like to float in the idealized realm of gratification from new graphical standards. In that sunny realm, above the clouds, what are you hovering above? Probably the reality that despite these new standards existing, there's a problem. A problem that the content, news, and the systems driving how we receive this information - these systems are inherently unchanging and harmful. The colors and sounds we use, what do they mean and what to they promote?"
Recovered note: "this is my first completed vocal song. I like my voice, but my singing skills are admittedly low and also I don't know how to mix vocals. But it would be dishonest to not include this song in an archive." Lyrics: I want to write you a song today Unlike one that you may have heard before Not from 1780 or 1920, but made for now With sounds from a computer, not Europe's concert halls No more strings And no more winds No more brass And no more keys But, what would I prove by trying to fight with history? Instead, I'll use those sounds in a way you've never heard before
Written as the accompanying song to a mushbuh x emamouse song in a StaffCIRC compilation album. We cave eachother themes, my theme was mcdonalds or something lol. I was inspired by how the mcdonalds near my chicago apartment was often a meeting center for kids and elderly. This song doesn't really reflect that at all... but it's ok lol
Written for a remix album for the game "Aftertile". I was given a melody from "Fugen Theme" and used that as the base, then allowed to do whatever. https://softhugs.bandcamp.com/album/fugen-ep
Written for fun as a 'standalone narrative track' to hold me over as I finished Anodyne OST and moved onto Even the Ocean
Written for fun as a 'standalone narrative track'
RIP Hiroshi Yoshimura. This remix is a tribute to my favorite album by him, Flora. Master of balancing light melodies and sounds to create expansive spaces.
I was going to make a release for squiggle dot incorporating classical instrumentation but never got around to it, this is one of the more finished songs
One of three songs I released on another label. These were all prototype songs for Anodyne 2 that I then finished as a standalone release. https://nnetworkeditions.bandcamp.com/album/an-aural-account-i-abundant-color
"written for indiestatik (defunct games journo website) compilation. used composition methodology of attempting to create natural/animal sounds that would be applied to my Even the Ocean OST, and also generally become part of my toolkit for sound/instrument design."
A remix I made for Parks Burton's album "Pare"! It's really great and beyond definition so please listen: https://parksburton.bandcamp.com/album/pare
random song. imagining what the rancid core of one of the systems ruling our world would sound like
i thought it would be fun to pretend to be some old unknown japanese musician for a track and kept that illusion up for about 10 hours hehe
Influenced by Tobirajima from susumu hirasawa. A. G. Cook released the stems for Superstar and I thought I would see if I could turn it into a moodier darker tone of song.
Made for a liveset, incorporating ideas from an abandoned game/OST project, "Perfect" (available on my bandcamp)
One of my favorite unused songs from my game Even the Ocean, representing a different sonic approach to some of the game's world maps
randomly made one day. imagining someone lost driving through a labyrinth like road system
from a game I made.
A song that was supposed to have vocals. if you like the production here check out model minority no more: https://htch.bandcamp.com/album/model-minority-no-more-5-2015-solo-album
OST for a short game I released https://han-tani.itch.io/consumed-orient
Song title inspired by ancestor who made fancy porcelain. Song content... random.
I had like a 2 month phase in 2015 when I wanted to make vocal songs: here's one them.
Random transition song made for a liveset
another unfinished vocal song about those people with anime avatars who are like.. super racist lol
I made this for a friend's game.


January, 30XX

This is a message from the Melos Han-Tani Foundation.

Recovered music from one of the the Archives of Melos Han-Tani, dated to the 2010s.

The music in this release was found in a massive, tree-shaped library, utilizing a previously unknown method of storage. Curiously, the majority of these songs were not included in any of his other OST or solo album releases from the 2010s.

Over his lifetime, Melos built a series of megastructures, dedicated to archiving of music and past work. It's not known where each one is, but since the discovery of the Great Tree Library, much research has been done on its storage methodology and a small town has formed around its base. From our research, we found that he cared deeply about a dedication to preservation of one's work when creating from outside the mainstream: even the smallest work can be an important historical marker. Together, many peoples' small works can be an important voice against the blaring voice of popular narratives.

A description of the releases:

Sky Stratum (Part 1) - Released May 1st, 30XX. features previously uncompiled work by Melos from the middle to the end of the 2010s. These songs were traced to the branches, leaves, exteriors of the tree-like library and could even be considered the 'fruit' of much of his labor in the 2010s. These songs were written from the Argyle Red Line, South Loop, and Hyde Park neighborhoods of Chicago and places such as Tokyo and Taipei. They contain some of Melos's favorite songs he wrote during the 2010s.

The next two parts will release later in 30XX.

Central Core (Part 2) - features previously uncompiled work from the beginning of the decade. These songs were found within the bark and interiors of the main structure of the library and were mainly composed before and right after making Anodyne.

Energizing Rhizomes - Part 3 - is a comprehensive, free release of unfinished drafts and sketches. We found that this music formed a rhizomatic network of roots, which would mutually share nutrients, eventually building up the main structure of the library. Music from the entire decade resided here, and we are lucky that the technology now exists that let us carefully preserve it as is.


We are charging a small fee for this first release, which will go towards more archival work on Melos Han-Tani's musical output.

Thank you for your support.

- Melos Han-Tani Foundation for the Videogame Arts

The album art for this release was also found in the archive, done by Melos's contemporary, Craig Bowers www.craigsbowers.com . The full three-part picture is included as a .png in this album.


Despite what track licenses say, this music is free to use for any commercial purpose under a budget or profit of $100k USD without permission, as long as you credit Melos Han-Tani.


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



melos han-tani Tokyo, Japan

Music for games.

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